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Dear Participants

We are pleased to present you this updated Summary Plan Description (SPD), which describes your benefits under the Electrical Workers Local No. 26 Pension Plan, which is a defined benefit plan.

The Plan’s purpose is to provide you with a retirement benefit to supplement your personal savings, Social Security and other retirement benefits. In addition to a retirement benefit, the Plan also provides a benefit if you become totally and permanently disabled and, if eligible, a benefit for your survivor in the event of your death.

This handbook incorporates all changes to the Plan through 2014, including amendments necessary to comply with recent legislation. If, prior to 2014 you separated from covered employment or if your pension was effective before 2014, you may need to refer to a prior SPD to understand your benefits. Contact the Fund Office if you need assistance.

We have written this SPD so it is easy to read and understand. “Fast Facts” appear at the beginning of each section to give you a quick overview of key points to remember from that section. Useful information such as definitions, reminders and phone numbers, appears in the margin as a quick reference. You should read this SPD carefully so that you can understand how you become covered by the Plan, what your benefits are and how they are calculated. Also, you should share this book with your spouse, as it contains important information about survivor benefits.

We believe this Pension Plan, which is a defined benefit plan with a disability plan component, provides an important element of retirement security to you and your family, and we are proud to be involved in its continued operation. If you have any questions about your benefit, please contact the Fund Office at (301) 731-1050. The staff will be happy to assist you.