Applying For Your Pension


  • All applications for benefits must be in writing.
  • You should contact the Fund Office for the proper forms to apply for your pension benefit 90 days before you would like to retire.
  • If married, you may reject or change the form of payment you elect at any time within the 90-day period prior to your retirement.
  • Once you retire, you generally cannot change your form of payment.

In order to begin collecting benefits under the Plan, you must submit a written application to the Board of Trustees.

You should file an application for benefits no more than 90 or less than 30 days before the date you want payments to begin. Normally, the Fund Office will act on your application and notify you of any Plan benefits you may be entitled to within 30 days of the date your application is received. If, however, special circumstances require an extension of time for processing your application, you will be notified in writing prior to the expiration of the 30-day period as to the nature of the special circumstances and the date the Fund Office expects to render its decision.

If you are married and want to elect an optional form of payment described in the Forms of Payment section of this SPD, you must return the waiver and election forms, along with the notarized spousal consent form (if applicable) prior to your benefits starting date.


Contact the Fund  Office for the forms you need to file your claim for benefits.
Phone: (301) 731-1050
Email: info@EWTF.org