Applying For Your Pension

Preparing for Retirement

If retirement is in your near future, it is important to allow enough time to make informed decisions about your benefits. The basic checklist below will assist you in making a smooth transition to retirement. Remember, it is your responsibility to apply for Plan benefits.

Twelve Months or More 
Prior to Retirement

Six Months Prior to Retirement

90 Days Prior to Retirement

❏ Contact the Social Security Administration to determine what your options are for benefits. Ask them what documents you will need when applying for Social Security benefits.

❏ Contact the Fund Office for an estimate of your retirement benefit.

❏ Prepare a preliminary retirement budget, comparing your expenses against the total of your Local No. 26 Pension Fund retirement benefit, monthly Social Security benefit, and any other retirement income that may be available to you.*

❏ Discuss your estimated benefit and payment options with your family and financial advisor.

❏ Re-evaluate the preliminary budget you created six months earlier.

❏ Complete the appropriate pension application and supporting documentation in the Fund Office.

❏ Turn in your application. Your pension application must be dated and received by the Fund Office no more than 90 days but at least 30 days prior to your pension start date, otherwise, payments will be delayed.

❏ Plan your retirement party!

* This may include additional IBEW funds, as listed here.

If a claimant makes a false statement material to a claim for benefits, he or she may be denied any or all benefits and the Trustees shall have the right to recover any payment made in reliance on such false statement. Interest accrued, liquidated damages and attorneys’ fees and costs incurred during the recovery will be included with the charge for benefits improperly paid based on false information.


Call the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213 or visit them online at