Other Information

Contribution Source

This Plan was established through collective bargaining. All contributions to the Plan are made by Employers in accordance with their collective bargaining agreements with the Union. The collective bargaining agreements require contributions to the Plan at a fixed-rate per hour worked.

A copy of any collective bargaining agreement pursuant to which the Plan is maintained may be obtained from the Fund Office upon written request. A charge may be made to cover the cost of providing the requested documents. Upon written request, the Fund Office will also provide you a list of all employers that contribute to the Plan, as well as information about whether a particular employer is contributing to the Plan, and if so, that employer’s address. The list of Contributing Employers and copies of the collective bargaining agreements are available for inspection by you and your beneficiaries at the Fund Office, and upon 10 days written notice, at the Union’s office and at any employer establishment at which at least 50 Plan participants are customarily working.