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Rollover of Plan Distributions

You may elect to have any portion of an eligible rollover distribution paid directly to an eligible retirement plan specified by you. An eligible rollover distribution is a lump-sum payment that is paid to you or on your behalf in lieu of your monthly retirement benefit. For example, the mandatory lump-sum payment described above would be an eligible rollover distribution. A monthly retirement benefit that is not paid in a single lump-sum would not be an eligible rollover distribution. (You should note that this rollover provision of the Plan does not entitle you to elect to receive a lump-sum payment in lieu of your retirement benefit unless you are otherwise eligible to receive a lump-sum payment.) An eligible retirement plan is another qualified retirement plan, such as an individual retirement account (IRA) that will accept an eligible rollover distribution from this Plan. Prior to the time that you are to receive an eligible rollover distribution, the Fund Office will give you detailed information about how to rollover your benefit into another retirement plan. For more information on eligible rollover distributions from this Plan, please contact the Fund Office.