An Overview Of Your Pension Plan

The Electrical Workers Local No. 26 Pension Plan is one of your most valuable benefits. Key advantages of the defined benefit Pension Plan include:

  • A guarantee that your vested benefit will be there upon your retirement.
  • The Pension Fund takes the responsibility and risk of investing.
  • You are fully vested in the Plan after only five Years of Vesting Service.

While pension plans are very valuable, they are often the least understood employee benefit. The chart below gives you a brief summary of the Pension Plan and more detailed information on the Plan follows in this handbook. We encourage you to read this important information and contact the Fund Office if you have any questions.


When You Can Receive a Benefit

Four types of pensions are available under the Plan:
• Normal pension
• Early retirement pension
• Deferred pension
• Disability pension

How Benefits are Paid

Generally, if you are married, you will receive your benefit in the form of a Joint and Survivor Pension. If you are not married, you will receive a Lifetime Pension with 60 Months Guaranteed.

Survivor Benefits

A benefit may be paid to your surviving spouse or other designated beneficiary under certain circumstances if you die after you’re vested.

Benefit Formula

The Fund Office will calculate your benefit by multiplying your Benefit Units by the applicable Benefit Rates.

Benefit Units and Benefit Hours of Service

Generally, you will be granted one Benefit Unit for each year of full time employment during your participation in the Plan.


You will become fully (100 percent) vested in the Plan after five Years of Vesting Service. When you are fully vested, you have earned the non-forfeitable right to receive Plan benefits upon your retirement.

Active Participant

If you work in covered employment, you begin participating on the first day you work on a job for which contributions are required to be made. You continue to be an Active Participant, as long as you work a minimum of 400 hours per year.

Employee Contributions

You do not contribute to the Plan -- your employer contributes on your behalf.

Work After Retirement

As long as you are not on a Disability Pension and your employment is not in “Prohibited Employment” for 40 or more hours per month, you may work without affecting your pension benefit.



provides you with a pension upon your retirement in an amount based upon the number of years of benefit service credits you have earned in covered employment (employment for which your employer(s) is/are obligated to make contributions to the Plan on your behalf). The assets of all Plan beneficiaries are invested together.



You can call, write, email or send a fax to the Fund Office if you have questions about your pension benefit.

10003 Derekwood Lane, Suite 130
Lanham, MD 20706-4811

Phone: (301) 731-1050

Fax: (301) 731-1065

Email: info@EWTF.org

 On July 1, 1961, the Electrical Workers Local No. 26 Pension Trust Fund was established as the result of the collective bargaining agreement between the District of Columbia Chapter, National Electrical Contractors Association and Local Union No. 26, IBEW, AFL-CIO. On written request, copies of the collective bargaining agreement are available from the Fund Office or the Local Union.