Survivor Benefits

Survivor Benefits After Retirement


Married Participants

If you die after you begin receiving your pension benefits, your eligible spouse may receive a monthly pension, depending on the form of payment you elected. If you are receiving the Joint and Survivor Pension, and retired after 1997, your spouse will receive 80% of the amount of your pension after your death for the rest of his or her life. If you and your spouse voluntarily chose the 60 Month Guaranteed Pension, he or she will receive payments for the balance of the 60 month period if you die before receiving all 60 monthly payments. The different Forms of Payment are more fully described in the Forms of Payment section of this SPD.

Unmarried Participants

If you are not married and you die before you have received 60 monthly payments, the remainder of the payments will be paid to your properly designated beneficiary. The Trustees may authorize a single lump sum payment for any monthly payments remaining after your death.